“That milk will get cool on you.” But this album won’t, that’s for sure. A labor of love, this project started after my wife and I, who happen to be long time Twin Peaks fans, came back from a pilgrimage to Snoqualmie, WA to view filming locations over our two year anniversary. We stumbled across a local jazz trip called Bookhouse doing dark interpretations of music from the show. About a week later, I was embarking on a journey to produce an album with them and throw an epic costume themed release party at a historic theater in NE Minneapolis. The project received some really great press, we’ve sold hundreds of records and nearly sold out the theater for the release.

Design by Cory Loven

Album Design by Cory Loven




Photo Credit Me - Taken in the Black Lodge

Photo Credit Me – Taken in the Black Lodge

We even did some amazing t-shirts over on Cotton Bureau this past year and it sold like hot coffee.


You can sneak a listen here, otherwise the album is available on vinyl or on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify

Lastly, we even mailed a personal invitation to Kyle MacLachlan and while he couldn’t attend, he hit us up on Twitter to wish us all luck.