Every once in awhile you get asked to do something you love so so much. This was that times two! Not only do I love space and launching weather balloons, but I love innovative digital marketing experiences. So what better way to combine those than by working with my good friends at Space 150 to execute the “First Snapchat from ‘Space'” for their client Jack Link’s “Squatch Sticks” product.

Samsung donated a couple Galaxy S6 phones we were able to hack and automate so they’d keep “Snapping'” while we were afloat. We dropped a couple GoPro’s inside, mounted the beef stick outside, filled our 4,000g weather balloon with over 300 cubic ft of helium, turned on our trackers and let it fly.



While Space150 drove the campaign and PR efforts, I was responsible for the payload design, construction and launch/tracking planning. Fortunately I’ve done this before and was able to rely on the Balloon Trajectory tools over at University of Wyoming as well as the Landing Predictor by the fine folks at HabHub. We ran a bunch of predictions, looked at local weather predictions and even ran a test launch to ensure our plans weren’t ludicrous.

All said and done, we had an amazing launch that sailed up over 120,000 ft, captured some amazing Snaps and was even featured on Mashable.