As the Director of Creative at a design-driven software engineering firm, I had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients working to make the world a better place. This is some of the work I had my hands on in my time at Software for Good.

Over the course of 2014/15 we helped local startup DIVI name, brand, strategize, UX, design and build their micro-donation/location based deals platform for iOS and Droid. I was involved in the naming, branding, UX/UI and all design aspects involved in the project. The big task was to take the idea of purchasing deals and flip it on its head, allowing the user to unlock a deal, make a charitable donation, then redeem the deal without a middle man. Simplicity was key and we kept that in mind every step of the way.




In late 2014 we spent some time redesigning our website to better align ourselves as a full solution creatively driven engineering team. We created a fully responsive experience aimed at highlighting our clients and the work we’ve done for them.




We got the opportunity to work with Fair Trade USA on a product they purchased called Acopio. This tablet app is specifically designed for Google Nexus 7 tablets, as they will be used by field collectors receiving shipments from coffee farmers in Peru. This simplifies the collection of the data around the shipment, associating shipments with farmers and ultimately getting the farmer paid the appropriate amount up front. This was very much an exercise in design for extreme circumstances, as the tablets are used out in the fields under typically very sunny conditions, by individuals not always up on the most current technology and often in areas where internet access is rare at best. This app makes it clear and obvious as to what items are actionable, are large enough to see under any lighting scenario and it stores data locally until it’s able to sync via WiFi connection. Elaine Benes is clearly not a farmer, but you know, we can’t really show you that information.



Early in 2014 we pitched the city of Minneapolis a new mobile based parking solution. The aim was to make finding and paying for parking simpler for people headed around town, as well as increase revenue for the city. While there are no screens shown here, we proposed a slick little push notification service that would allow people to one-tap refill the meter if their time was running low, leading to millions in annual revenue for the city otherwise lost to expired meters. Sadly we did not win this project, but it was one hell of a fun task and we’re still pretty proud of our overall solution.


Biovest is literally curing cancer and we’re proud to be working along side them. While we’ve done everything from re-progamming some of their robots to creating an iPad based digital information management system, one big step we helped them with was launching a new public facing website unveiling the work they’re doing on their lymphoma vaccine. This fully responsive experience highlights their new vaccine initiatives, but also promotes their long time medical device design and production services as well as their custom medical services.



The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation came to us to help them create a mobile based experience for an event they threw in Minneapolis and Fargo called the Brewer’s Ball. The event, an otherwise standard fundraising event model, brought in local breweries for a tasting event. Our app helped collect beer reviews and ratings that were then distributed to local media outlets like MSP Mag, The Star Tribune and more, to help support some great articles that not only promoted the event, but the foundation itself, spreading the word further than just a one night event ever could. We also helped them raise a whole bunch of money through additional sponsorship opportunities within the app. The app was available for iOS and Android.