Twin Peaks Book

Twin Peaks: Colorful Counting for Kiddos

As parents, fusing together our guilty pop-culture pleasures and teaching our children the fundamentals of learning don’t always strike common ground. But what if we could combine them, and create a book based on our all-time favorite television show that also introduces them to the wonders of colors and numbers?


Working closely with illustrator, Lydia Fusco, we picked a few of our favorite characters, scenes and themes from David Lynch’s cult classic Twin Peaks and collected them together in a 24 page book. Initially, the project was a special gift for Jamey's daughter, Kiruna, with a small additional limited run production for other Lynch-parent enthusiasts. 

In the end, we had something we were incredibly proud to have created for our kids and felt carried our love for an epic show, which we could turn the pages and obsess over the secret meanings of every subtle nuance just like Lynch would.