Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016: Bicycle KeepCup Delivery

We wholeheartedly believe the small things are what make all the difference, and as it turns out we're not the only ones who believe that. That’s why on Earth Day 2016, we joined forces with Anelace Coffee in Minneapolis to help share some love and help save the Earth one cup of coffee at a time.

Using sustainably produced and reusable coffee cups from KeepCup, we printed a little message letter pressed on the back of recycled test-prints by our friends at Angel Bomb Press. We then delivered these cups by bicycle over the metro area and offered anyone bringing one of these cups back to Anelace a free cup of Joe on Earth Day and a decent discount through the end of the year for making the effort.


When was all said and done, we had biked over 65 miles, delivered over 100 cups and, if we're being conservative in our estimates, eliminated 1,500 disposable cups from the landfill this year alone - and hopefully reducing the amount of resources used to produce them.

But really, we just hope to help people build a habit and share in our idea that small behavioral changes can really go a long way in helping save our planet.