Launch Ladies Board Book

Launch Ladies Board Book & Kickstarter

This whole thing started as an idea to make a book for my kids, showcasing the amazing women of the space program's past, present and future. What ultimately happened was something we never expected.

We started a Kickstarter campaign, thinking we'd learn a hard lesson about what it takes to get something like this made. However, in a few short weeks, we were over 200% funded and preparing to distribute over 1,200 books to campaign backers, schools and library systems all over the world. It's truly been an honor to share this with so many kids (and their parents).

All said and done, we moved over 700 books, pins, patches and posters to campaign backers. We also donated nearly 600 books to local library systems in our hometowns of Minneapolis, MN, Fort Collins, CO and Dallas, TX, as well as 22 other cities across the US (through some clever coordination with our friends).

We couldn't have been more proud of everything we created throughout this process. It's truly been an honor to have brought this book to life.

And, of course, this never would have happened without the undying support of both Lydia Fusco and Leila McNeill. Without their involvement, this never would have seen the light of day.

Want your own copy? Snag one on our website.

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