Pivot Interactives

Naming, Branding, UI Design and more…

Pivot is an interactive video player designed to help teach physics in the classroom through real life examples that can be measured and calculated within the high frame rate video / video player tool. Students can drag and drop the tools required over the video to derive the data necessary to calculate the answers to the problems they're asked to solve.

We've been fortunate to work with Pivot since early on and have helped them not only re-name (a fun night of drinks and creative Namestorming™ at our favorite local brew house) and rebrand their company, but to work with the internal team and a core group of students to continually test the multiple components of their product offering, learn how they use and it and create an all encompassing experience. Our end goal is to create a digital product that works for the students in any classroom, on any device, with any number of group participants and also accommodates the diverse set of needs for physics instructors everywhere.


While we have been responsible for leading the larger creative efforts, we've been incredibly fortunate to lean on our good friends at Wallace and 612 Software Foundry as strategic advisors and to handle the day to day execution of the project deliverables. Their partnerships have been invaluable as we've worked to build an incredibly large and complex ecosystem of scientific learning videos, player controls, assignment sheets and the upcoming educator tools.


There's also something incredibly rewarding seeing your work stuck to the side of an experiment whizzing across a lab while students laugh hysterically while things explode or shatter at high speed. A subtle reminder of the beauty in discovery.